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    Ho Chi Minh, also known as Saigon, had been thought to be the "Pearl in the Far East". This says something in regards to the hidden charm that’s only comparable to this type of Vietnamese city. For although not as romantic as other holiday destinations in Vietnam like Hanoi, for instance, this area nevertheless features its own set of characteristic features and reason for attractions that places it on equal footing along with other holiday destinations around the world. In fact, Ho Chi Minh tour package, featuring these things top attractions and activities across the area, draw hordes of visitors from around the world, and examining the listed attractions and activities below may help establish why this can be so.

    Floating Markets in Mekong Delta. A sprawl around 39,000 square kilometers, Mekong Delta is not just famous for its rich biodiversity that supports over 10,000 newly discovered biological species, however it is sometimes known to the unique cultural tradition in the human community that inhabits it. A must see within the Mekong Delta will be the Floating Markets. Specially in the morning, seeing the markets via a small sampan along with a local guide can give visitors a firsthand experience with the markets’ colorful and relaxed ambiance. Vegatables and fruits from local producers are directly which is available from the sellers boats, while sampans also be mobile cafes offering carbonated drinks, iced tea, effective noodle soup.

    Cu Chi Tunnels. In Ho Chi Minh City Cu Chi district, the Cu Chi tunnels is really a large network of interconnecting tunnels. This, therefore, can also be connected to other tunnels traversing the underground of Vietnam. The Cu Chi Tunnels wa employed by the Viet Cong’s for military purposes through the Vietnam War. It served as a communication and offer route, food and weapon cache, a hiding spot, a hospital, and living quarters.

    Ho Chi Minh Cultural City Tour. Ho Chi Minh is widely famous for its immigrant inhabitants, so an excursion around gives visitors an insight in the unique local culture this is a product of varied cultures existing in the city. An unforgettable cultural tour with the city carries a stop by at several Chinese Markets plus the magnificent Thien Hau pagoda. Taking another step further towards that great neighborhood life, lantern making activity can be provided to visitors.

    Ho Chi Minh of course has other equally beautiful and satisfying attractions and activities. The three as listed above a few of the attractions and activities that will make driving this city a satisfying activity.

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