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    E length of time necessary to comprehensive the documentation is often a prominent theme within that course of action. Individuals who are more efficient together with the electronic documentation demonstrate enhanced time management. For all those who’re significantly less efficient with electronic documentation the data processing is perceived as time consuming. Ordinarily, it really is doable to Ce users’ perspectives. This study contributes to a more fine-grained understanding expertise positive aspects when using IT, but this will depend on either advertising or hindering components, e.g. ease of use and ability to use it, equipment availability and technical functionality, at the same time as attitude. Conclusions In summary, the findings showed that members of staff expertise IT as a benefit when it simplifies their day-to-day functioning routines and as a burden when it complicates their functioning processes. Regardless of whether IT complicates or simplifies their routines is determined by influencing variables. The line amongst advantage and burden is semipermeable. The experiences differ based on duties and responsibilities. Keywords and phrases Electronic overall health record, Well being data technologies, Personal computer, Technologies adoption, Satisfaction, Long-term-care, Benefit and costs, Cost benefit evaluation, Net advantage, Information and facts program accomplishment, Attitude Correspondence mail@meissner-care-consulting.de Division of Nursing Science, University WittenHerdecke, Witten, Germany2014 Mei er and Schnepp; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (httpcreativecommons.orglicensesby2.0), which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, offered the original perform is correctly credited.Mei er and Schnepp BMC Health-related Informatics and Decision Creating 2014, 1454 httpwww.biomedcentral.com1472-694714Page two ofBackground Nursing documentation is recognized as a necessity in professional nursing. Until the final century, paper-based documentation systems have been those most usually applied in Germany. Nursing has turn out to be far more complicated, the amount of documentation has enhanced immensely. Almost all providers are browsing for solutions that cut down the effort associated with documentation and at the exact same time present a professional and proper documentation item. IT-based nursing documentation could be a single probable answer [1-3]. For the duration of recent years the introduction of electronic nursing documentation systems in nursing properties in Germany has increased swiftly [4-9]. In accordance with a current nonrepresentative study, 43.5 on the facilities for the elderly in Germany currently use a computerized technique. A different 11.3 of Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs) strategy to implement a computer-based method [10]. Statistically representative data for Germany is at present not out there. The change to computer-based nursing records is associated with capital asset and resource management charges. RACFs implemented IT-based nursing documentation realizing more benefits using the modify than effort and cost linked with the transform [3,11]. It need to be emphasized that the added value will by no means be accomplished by the IT itself, but usually via a approach optimization accomplished by the IT [6-9]. For instance, a) time efficiency resulting in the improvement of documentation quality is a deciding element for the implementation of electronic documentation systems in hospitals [12] and nursing properties [3,13]. In a further example b) high-quality improvements also as c) improved info processing are also essential elements for implementing such systems [3].